Friday, June 7, 2013

Spam Glorious Spam, Wonderful Spam

Disclaimer:  Don't worry!  I'm not posting a recipe that contains that horrible un-food Spam!

The funniest picture I found when I googled spam, hehe

A while ago I decided to make it easier for anyone who wanted to to post on my blog.  I took away any need to identify yourselves, but luckily, kept the moderate-before-posting option ticked.  I have had heaps of spam comments since then, which is fine because I just ignore them and after a while they disappear.  But the following comment is reproduced for your entertainment (minus the links to whoknowswhat), because it made me cry with laughter.

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My friends at work and I puzzled over this comment, and decided it was some kind of poetry.  What gave it away was the final sentence - simply "I".  So, thank you spam man for your work of art.

How is everyone anyway?  Read any good books lately?  Have you done any craft?  I am currently working on both - The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper (a teen novel Miss A loved when she was a kid, but which is heavy going - literally, that's one HUGE book!), and another* crochet blanket.

*Spoiler alert:  expect a post about the last one soon!

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