Friday, August 17, 2012

Living in the Future: The first bus-written post

I know I keep moaning on about how I have such long bus journeys, and how this means I have very little time for blogging.  And I keep apologising for my extended absences.  This must seem disingenuous as it keeps happening, but it's not that I don't WANT to blog, it's that there are far easier things to do to relax and be creative when I do finally get home from work.  Miraculously I have kept up with reading, crochet, and computer games, as well as perusing my absolute favourite blogs/websites (geekcrafts, pinterest, mr x stitch, and bookporn, I love you so).

But I've just downloaded the blogger app and discovered that I can write posts (all be it without my usual resources) on my ipod, whether I have an internet connection or not!  I am not promising I'll be posting more often, but at least now I feel like posting more often is actually possible!

I have some projects to share, such as my spectacularly succesful attempt at pink-iced finger buns, the lemon baby blanket, the discovery of caramel drops, and my current project (yup, it's another present, and yup, another surprise, so no posting about it until it's done).

But for now, a will sign off; typing on an ipod is tricky - it's taken 25 mins to write just this small post!   Here's to living in the future!

(PS:  I'm not on the bus right now, I was when I wrote this, I am just publishing it now - NZ is not THAT far into the future that there's wireless on the busses, woe is me)

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