Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cornish Pasties or Samosas?

Last night we made a cross between a Cornish pasty and a samosa - potato and spice filling, short pastry casing.

Edmond's Cook Book Short Pastry
225g flour
¼t salt
125g butter/lard/margarine
1t baking powder
cold water to mix

Sift flour and salt, rub in butter, add baking powder.  Add a T of water at a time until the dough only JUST holds apart.  The crumblier the more tender the pastry will be when its cooked; if you add too much water, the pastry will be tough.   Pop into the fridge while you cook the filling.

4 medium potatoes
1 large carrot
1 large onion

1t turmeric
1t minced ginger
1t minced garlic
1t minced coriander
½t garam masala
1t curry powder of your choice
1t mustard seeds/full grain mustard
1t cumin seeds
1t cardamom
salt and pepper to taste

Parboil potatoes, then fry onions and carrots, add spices and stir while the spices cook a little and become fragrant.  Then add the potatoes, stir, and remove from the heat.  Let the mixture cool a little while you roll out the pastry, and cut into rounds using a small plate as a guide.  You should get about 5 (and a midget from the left overs).  Place 1-2T of filling into the middle of each round, wet the edges so the pastry sticks together, and then pinch two sides together to make a crescent.

Bake at 200° for about 15 minutes then check to ensure they're not going too brown.  If they are, turn the oven down to 190° for the rest of 30 mins.

They were so yummy.  We had savoy cabbage and broccoli with them.  And lashings of tomato sauce of course!

PS:  Savoy cabbage is so pretty, I had to take a picture of it!

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