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    The main aim of this blog is to be a place to talk about all of my favourite recipes as I make them., to show off my craft projects, and to talk about books I've enjoyed.  The second aim is to show anyone who reads this all of the sources I use to find the recipes I love or the patterns or inspiration for my crafting projects.  My hope is that you will find awesome food and crafts that you love as much as I do, 

    I love (in a different order of preference every day) music, movies, cooking, science fiction, steampunk, crochet, science, audio fiction, flash fiction, fan fiction, forensic anthropology, archaeology, osteology, anthropology, crafts, blogs, io9.com, my pets, The Sims2, good television (which really means tv shows on dvd and cooking shows...  all of the cooking shows), embroidery, Emily the Strange, and reimaginings of Disney Princesses (see below).

Contact me about this blog, or about anything (except adds, kthanx) at:
newoldfashionedgirl [at] gmail [dot] com



Twisted Princesses - Pocahontas (by jeftoon01 at DeviantART)

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