Friday, May 27, 2011

Links of the Week II

This week I found six links, but two are almost on the same topic, so it's not really cheating...  Really.

I had never thought of trilobites as a subject for needlepoint before seeing reference to this post on geekcrafts, but they are going on my list of things to do (after the embroidery, longstitch, another three canvases, knitting, crocheting...  I really have to finish something soon, or I'm going to go crazy!).

Well, even with all of the confusion of the exact time the world was going to end on Saturday, by now I think it's safe to say it didn't.  But that crackpot guy who made the prediction shouldn't feel too bad, he's not the only one who got it hilariously wrong.

The Nebula awards have been announced and it's time for every science fiction fan to add to their 'must read' list.

There are so many addictive little games on the internet.  This is one of them!  I just refound the game, and can't remember where I got up to...  I'm going to have fun figuring that out.

Archaeology:  Robots and NASA help us find out more about Ancient Egypt!
A robot with a 'micro snake' camera has been sent up one of the shafts inside the Great Pyramid to look past the door that stopped the last robot in 1993 (I remember how excited I was then!), and have found hieroglyphics that might help us figure out why the odd shafts were built.  And, with one mystery possibly solved, another (up to) 17 pyramids and even more tombs and other buildings have been rediscovered by a NASA satellite.  I hope they keep them buried, at least until we learn to bloody look after stuff!  BTW, Zahi Hawass is awesome!

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