Monday, May 30, 2011

Another Scarf

I bought some gorgeous wool at the Warehouse on the weekend, intending to use them to make some really really warm socks.  But when I crocheted a swatch to check the gauge, I found it was way out.  This made me sad, so I looked online at the Sean Sheep website that has patterns that are made specifically for their wool.  No luck - they didn't have my wool listed.  I did a google search for it too, and it didn't come up.  So now I'm making another scarf (see this post) and breaking my word to myself that I'd not start yet another project before any of the others are finished.  My excuse is that it looks like this:

And that's after an evening of crocheting (and a morning of undoing to get back to the tiny mistake that meant that it wouldn't sit straight.  I am using the scallop lace pattern from The Art of Crochet magazine that Mum bought me the first two issues of to get me started.  It's amazing how different it looks just because this wool is so much thicker and the hook I'm using is a 6mm instead of a 4mm.  I don't think it will take long to make a nice long scarf that I can actually wear!  Count me as a crochet fan now, move over knitting.

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