Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is it Thursday already?!

Sorry for the lack in posts, I have been busy.  Busy doing not much, but busy all the same.  I have scanned book pages into my computer as if my life depended on it (which it almost does; Mum's getting annoyed that books are always overdue and threatened to make me use my own library card!), and have continued working on my scarf (I seem to be addicted!).  Today I am aiming to start a new project (I know, I know, but this one's a time-sensitive present!), continue listening to the backlog of podcasts (I'm getting there, only another 190 to go, down from about 250 this week), and vacuum.  Exciting times!  Here's a pretty picture to tide you over til I get around to the next post (it will be about the books I have been busily scanning):

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