Friday, June 3, 2011

Quick Book Review - Miss Hope's Chocolate Box

This is a pretty little book, so pretty that I didn't just scan the recipes to keep, but the little retro pictures along the way.  This book is about chocolates - truffles, palmiers, fudge, and little cakes - so I might as well stop trying to convince you to read it because you've already gone to the library/book shop/wherever you obtain books.  If you're still here, I don't know why, but let me continue.  Miss Hope is very funny, and her humour extends past her introduction into her delicious-looking recipes.  I haven't tried any as yet because most of the ones to my taste require a sugar thermometer, and the only one I can find is in Stevens and is $16+.  I do, however, want to try the Black Forest Fudge that doesn't need tempered chocolate, but it asks for glacé cherries which I can't stand.  So I have to figure out a substitute.  I could see myself buying this book because it has a rather wide range of yummies, not just truffles, just baking, or just fudge; and because it is just so pretty (and naughtily funny)!

Visit their website here and see all the kinds of lovely things we in New Zealand are missing out on!

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