Friday, July 22, 2011

Natural/Homemade Cleaning Products

I am obsessed with baking soda.  Yes, that is weird, I am well aware of the fact.  But it awesome.  I had to switch to hypoallergenic washing powder a while ago because the smell was getting to me and making me sneeze.  It's funny to me that these washing powder scents just keep getting stronger and noone else seems to have a problem with it.  I was also getting sick of discolouration on my white clothes, and remembered that baking soda can help.  I added some to the water and *pop* the white looked much cleaner.  So I looked about online to see if there was anything else I could use it for.  Lo and behold, vinegar and baking soda (with a little water) makes a great pre-treatment for your clothes and can also be used to clean just about anything (including the wet patch my fully-grown and litter-box-trained cat made on the floor last week!).  I'm thinking of finishing this box of washing powder and relying completely on this combination.

After baking one day I had some lemon halves left, and remembered that lemon juice is good for washing dishes.  I tried it on our stainless steel grater that...  was covered in stains (you know how hard they are to wash!).  I grated the lemon along the sides and then let it sit for a few minutes while I washed other items, then gave it a bit of a scrub and it shone!

So, based on these experiences, and on some things I have just read in Edwardian Farm (which I will review soon), I am convinced that I can replace all of the house's chemical cleaners with natural things, or at least home made things.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Do you have a favourite home remedy for cleaning?  Let me know, share the sparkle!

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