Sunday, July 24, 2011

Links of the Week: X

Somehow this list became the "it's almost my birthday" links of the week...  a full month and a half before my birthday!

Art:  Art Deco Firefly Prints at  QMX Online
Gorgeous posters you can buy me.  I really like the trend of making superheros and characters from television and movies into art deco pictures.  I want these on my wall.

Jewelry:  Gem Sprouts on etsy
These are really really cool - living plants inside pendant necklaces.  Adding this to my want list too.

Fashion:  Stay S'mored on Snorg Tees
I love Ghostbusters, so this makes me grin.  I also like s'mores (though I've never had a REAL s'more with graham crackers as they're not sold in NZ).  At the end of Ghostbusters, I always wonder what they do with all of the marshmallow that explodes all over the city.  I know I'd be eating any that fell on me!

Geek:  Wil Wheaton Tee at Sharkslope
Hehehe, I know all of these references.

Food:  Cook's Thesaurus at Food Subs
Thought I had better include at least one non-shopping item!  This is a great website I found while searching for the required cooking time of yellow lentils.  It's like any other thesaurus; it provides alternates or substitutes for what you know.  For example, I learned that you can substitute brown or pink lentils for yellow.

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