Saturday, July 30, 2011

Links of the Week: July 30

Amazing Animals:  The Christchurch Goldfish at NZ Herald
I saw this on the news last night and thought it was so cool.  It's great to see a story come from Christchurch that is about something good happening, and apparently this story has been picked up world-wide.  See?  People do like happy news!

Libraries:  Paying Kids to Read?  At TVNZ
The happy news continues!  In an effort to enable kids to continue using the library, New York Public Library has decided to wipe $1 worth of fines from a child's account for every 15 minutes of reading they do.  They say that this will help 'in these hard economic times' (why isn't there an acronym for that yet?  ITHET?), which is good, but I'm pretty sure not fining them at all would be an alternative.  Like our library!

Music:  Noel Gallagher's New Song at
When Oasis split, half of me burst into tears and the other half said "it won't last, you know how crazy those two are".  Now each of the brothers have released music with their own bands, and I still have that voice saying Oasis isn't over forever.  So, while I continue thinking that, here's Noel's new song :-)

Craft:  Solid Perfume Pocketwatch at Design*Sponge
This is such a great idea!  I love how the author introduces the post with a statement about her lack of feminine beauty.  I looked around the rest of her site and am surprised, because her site is so beautiful.  I love when people are oxymorons.  But I digress; I really would love to make this, I think the fragrance would be just as pretty as its presentation.  So that's going on the 'one day' to do list!

Recipe:  Risotto Balls at World Kitchen
We don't like mushrooms in our house, but I tried a risotto ball for the first time at a friend's party not long ago and am desperate to try to make some myself (the party was catered, so I can't ask my friend).   I love World Kitchen, and am so glad I found the show shortly after I came back to NZ in 2009.  Mum and I agree that a lot of the appeal is the attitude and smile of the presenter.  She is always keen to try anything - whether it be eating a snail, or trying to make baklava - and no matter the outcome she laughs and has fun.  A great example to live up to!

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