Monday, August 1, 2011


I've just realised I've not posted anything since last week!  What have I been up to?  I made brioches, I started yet another canvas (this time it's actually for me!), found out a friend got engaged :-), found out I didn't get the library job I was interviewed for :-(, picked up the copies of my thesis from the bindery (see the photo below), went bowling for the first time in two years (and my score really showed it!), continued working on another crocheted scarf (a bright red one for a birthday present), emptied everything other than furniture out of my room in an attempt to eliminate all traces of dust, then cleaned the walls, and have started to put everything back in.  So not all that much really.

Oh, I also started writing a book review, which I haven't finished, and decided not to finish China Mieville's The City and The City (mostly because I don't like his writing style - the story on the other hand, was pretty ingenious).  Instead I'm reading Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth.  The last Verne I read was 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, otherwise known as The Fish Directory due to its almost complete lack of plot and frequent ichthyological infodumps.  But hey, who can dislike a book where a giant cuttlefish tries to kill you?

This week, I am going to finish the new canvas, birthday crochet scarf, and mission bedroom-tidy-up.  And I think I will request Supernatural season two from the library.  And seeing as it's fine, I might just go for a walk.

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