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Not only am I pretty slack at posting on this blog these days, but I am terrible at clearing out my email inbox.  It's almost like trying to clear out the junk room of your house - what to throw away, what to keep, what to never buy (or sign up for) again.  I keep reminding myself that 'archive' doesn't mean it's gone forever!  While going through old emails I opened one from Amazon suggesting tons of '80s cartoon dvd sets.  I watched a lot of cartoons as a little kid, not that I remember sitting in front of the tv for hours - I think it was one cartoon before school, and one when I got home.  See if you remember any of these:

David the Gnome
The list of my absolute favourite cartoons of all time includes David the Gnome.  Beautiful animation, and stories that teach kids to be kind and generous - who could want more?  Buy it here, and find out more about the show here.

Need a reminder?  (I can't believe it, I remember pretty much all of the words!)

Lady Lovelylocks
THE girliest cartoon ever made.  Lady Lovelylocks is lovely, she has long golden hair that's magical.  There are purple dragons.  There's a prince that's been turned into a dog, and a blind wizzard.  And of course, the bad guy (well, girl) is a brunette.

Need a reminder?

No list of awesome '80s cartoons would be complete without Jem.  I would have wanted to be her, except that her sister almost has my name...  I'm sure you all remember Jem, so just enjoy the music below!

Inspector Gadget
Penny has a tablet and a mobile phone built into her wrist watch (that also doubles as a calculator, might I add!). I always wanted her computer book, and now that we live in the future, I can actually go out and buy one.  I hope someone has made a tablet look like her computer book.

Captain Planet
He's our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero; need I say more?  Starring LeVar Burton and Whoopi Goldberg, just like my favourite tv show... You can now watch full episodes online (like most of the cartoons on this list).

Gummi Bears
No, not the lollies!  I remember having a book-and-tape of one of the Gummi Bears stories, and listening to it in the dark on Mum's stereo that had lights that would move up and down with the sound.  And singing along to the song!  Buy it here.

Need a reminder?

 And if you need something a little more sophisticated:

The Snorks
What stands out in my memory most from this show (other than it being fun) is the use of the word 'snork' in place of many other words.  "Snorking along" or "it'll be a snorking good time".  I know a lot of shows have done this, including the smurfs, but this is the one I think of when I think about using a species name in this way!  The other thing I remember was them making sounds with the nose thing on their heads, and the dog-like snork pet, he was cute!

Need a reminder?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
I know I loved this when I was little because I have almost the entire set of special coins that a newspaper in Australia made that had the characters on them.  But I really don't remember all that much about the storylines, just the characters.

I watched cartoons well into the '90s (in fact, I still watch them!), and here's a quick set of links to the ones I love from that era:  TaleSpin, Aladdin, Chip'n'Dale: Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, DuckTales (I have a DuckTales board game, true story), Tiny Toons, Animaniacs (..while Bill Clinton plays the sax!), and Reboot.

What are your favourite cartoons?  Did your parents let you watch cartoons growing up?  If not, do you watch them now?

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