Friday, May 25, 2012

Domestic Minxes (Ooo Errr!)

Time to share a blog!  My friend (and kind of boss) co authors the Domestic Minxes blog where she and her friend document their somewhat disturbingly obsessive interest in nail polish.

Pretty right*?  And that's just one!  There are millions of gorgeous photos of pretty colours, so when you're feeling girly, go take a look.  And leave a comment, this girl loves the comments :-P

I've been inspired to make a small post about makeup and nailpolish and things, but because I wear very little makeup, and stopped painting my nails when they got super brittle, I thought I'd have a look around the internet for things I think are gorgeous or amazing.  Here, have some more link love!

Castiel and the Impala.

Need. I. Say. More?  Check out more of these brilliant custom nailpolishes inspired by pop/geek culture by clicking the picture.

Stormtrooper Nail Art

And the awesome continues.  Cute Polish has a whole heap of geek and non-geek nail art tutorials, go watch!


Another Star Wars pretty (and we all know how I feel about Star Wars) but it's just way too cool to pass up!  Again, click on the link to find more awesomeness.

I found all three of these through Geek Crafts, one of the few blogs I am still religiously keeping up with, now that I has the work thing going.  I forget, did I mention this new job?  I think I wrote a post about it and forgot to edit and publish it.  I shall post about it shortly!

*I'm thinking I would like to use this nail polish as the background for a picture of the Enterprise, following the method Cute Polish uses for her One Direction (oh no!) tutorial

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