Friday, April 27, 2012

After another long absence

Hi there!  Yes, I know, I have been very bad, it's been ages since I've made an entry here.  But I have a great excuse!  I have a full time (well, almost, 38 hours) job!  As you can tell, I'm excited about this!  Very excited!  I'm now a proper library assistant in circulation at the big library in the city - checking out books for people, checking them in, looking for missing books, working in the basement stack (SO cool!  It's like a whole different library on its own!), finding holds for people.  It's a lot of fun, and a lot of walking and climbing stairs and talking to people, so I'm enjoying it.  What I'm not enjoying is the amount of time I spend on buses!  But I can't complain too much, driving would be even worse.

I haven't stopped baking, reading, or crafting, though.  In fact, I've just finished a big project for a friend who's just had a baby.  As usual, I have to wait til she gets the present to post about it, but it's worth the wait, I'm really proud of how it turned out.  What I can share though is the blanket Mum and I are making.  I didn't know that there was such a thing as a knitted granny square, but Mum's taking them on...  well...  If you know my Mum, you know she's very good at crafts, but terrible at actually getting them done.  But I'm doing my bit; I've made three granny squares now in crochet, and have almost finished a fourth.  I really like doing them; they're pretty quick to make, and a great way to practice stitches I've seen but haven't had an excuse to try.  I'll get a few more done, and then I'll start posting pictures and references to where I found the patterns.  I'm also starting another present project today, and I'm REALLY excited about it.  When I can post about it (which wont be for like three months!), you'll see why - it's REALLY cool!

How's everyone doing?  What are you up to?  Any projects in progress?


  1. I have a blanket of Granny squares me and my nana made :3 Its the blanket I curl up with when I'm feeling butt XD
    <3 MaSucree

  2. That's what we're intending to make, I forgot to say! Mum and I are going to make our own granny squares of different sizes and shapes, and then I'll crochet them all together to make a crazy blanket! :-)



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