Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Year in Blog

2011 was a pretty eventful year for me, and for this blog.  Although I started my blog years ago as a journal for my time in Australia, it was never used, never read, it just sat stagnant.  But once I finished my thesis, I felt the urge to keep on writing.  I picked the thing I was most enjoying doing at the time - cooking - and wrote about that.  And it worked, I kept it up, adding in links to my favourite food websites, and then eventually crafts, and book and dvd reviews.

Although I don't have many readers, I love the idea that someone I don't know is learning a new recipe or technique here from something I figured out or found out, or is inspired to read a book or watch a movie I love.  So thanks to everyone reading this, even if you've just accidentally stumbled upon this post looking for this little piece of awesomeness from Geek Crafts:

Party like it's x = (2^3) + 80 (5^2) + (36/9)!!!

Top posts for this year:
  1. Shell Lace Scarf (With Pattern)
  2. Webcomics/Graphic Novels (review)
  3. seaQuest 2032 (geek-out)
  4. Cameras (pretties-to-buy)
  5. German Onion Cake (recipe)

My Favourites of the Year:

Book of the Year:  Doomsday Book by Connie Willis
Album of the Year:  Bruno Mars - Doo-wops and Hooligans
Song of the Year:  Colbie Caillat - Brighter than the Sun
TV Show of the Year:  Supernatural (read about it here and here)
Movie of the Year:  Another Earth
Recipe of the Year:  Oreo Truffles (from Chocolate and Carrots)
Craft of the Year: Triolobite Sampler (from Adventures in Stitching)

Picture of the Year:  Princess Bride Reunion

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