Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why do technical things have to be so tricky?

We have changed internet providers, or will do at the end of the month anyway.  Out new ISP offers a deal where you sign up for phone and internet from them and it's $10 cheaper than we've been paying.  Plus, instead of 2gb a month, we go up to 30gb.  I don't know what I will do with all that speeeeed!!  Anyway, I signed us up, then realised that the date we'd sign up would be only six days into our new bill with the old provider, so called the new provider and they recommended changing our sign up date.  So we did.

A few days later we got our modem, so we were all ready to go for the 3rd of October.  Then on Thursday I missed a courier delivery for Mum, and we guessed "oh no, they've sent us another modem".  Yesterday the package was redelivered and lo and behold, another modem.

Mum picked up the phone to let them know...  and our phone has been disconnected.  So I've been signed in to Mum's email account (meaning I can't post here) waiting for an email back from the new provider to explain why they've cut us off almost a month early from our old telephone provider.  I don't want to hook up the new modem (which is where you plug the phone in with this new deal), because I don't know if our old internet will work through it.

It's all very complicated and technical for someone like me who has advanced beginner-intermediate understanding of computery things.  So, I think you can expect some catch up posts when it's all sorted.  I have half written one about trilobites (which are awesome!) and have some book reviews that have to be finished too.  Meanwhile, Mum and I are off to watch a dvd that I'll also tell you about later.  It's perfect weather for dvds, dark and rainy.  Hope everyone out there is well.

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