Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Graphics Fairy-Inspired Pretty

I mentioned a long time ago now that I had taken a picture from Graphics Fairy, transferred it onto some calico, and stitched it for an engagement present for a friend.  Well, last weekend, I was finally able to give it to her, and so can now show it off.

I am really pleased with how it came out, especially as a few elements caused me some real frustration.  Here's the original picture:

The first thing I did was hand stencil the banner with 'Congratulations'.  Then I used my trusty (and much shorter now!) 2B pencil to colour the back of the paper, then pinned it to the calico.  Then, just as I have done with the canvases I've been doing, I traced over the image with a pen.  Then I just stitched it!

There are a few French knots, and almost-grub roses, but it's mostly backstitch and satin stitch.  I really must learn to vary the stitches I use, hopefully that way I will cut down the amount of time spent on each piece, as there are quicker ways of filling spaces and doing flowers.

I also must start recording the numbers of the threads I use, at least for the projects that are intended as presents.  I hate that I look at this picture now, months after I finished it, and think that a certain colour is lovely, knowing that I took a thread from three different colours to make it.  I'll never be able to recreate it from the photo.  Live and learn!

Have you got any projects that you've been meaning to finish?  I still have heaps and heaps of them.  I have changed my mind about what one of my canvases is going to be since I painted it far too dark for its original purpose.  I'll talk about that more next week.  I also have gnomey to finish.  I have finished project 'red does not go faster' scarf, it simply needs steaming and sending (I promised it'd be in the mail yesterday, but I forgot to ask Mum how to steam it).  So I'm keeping busy!

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