Friday, July 15, 2011


Yesterday Mum and I had a hectic day.  Last week we had planned for her to take today off and we would go to the city, get my thesis printed for the last time, and then send it off (through the Auckland University library) to be bound.  However, I was asked to the first round of interviews for a job I had applied for (oh my gosh, so excited!!  It was my first interview in years!), so Mum changed her day off and came in to meet me after the interview.

The interview went really well, I think.  I would be disappointed if they didn't ask me for a second interview, because I feel like I did really well.  After that we went down to Warehouse Stationary, had the thesis printed (with dramas), then went back up to the library to get it sent off.  Now that doesn't sound like much drama, but I met Mum at about ten past 11, and we didn't get the thesis sent off until after 2.  But it's off and done and I'm pleased.  Then I looked at the bus timetable, read it wrong, and we ended up catching a bus that didn't come past our house (there are two different local routes), so Mum had the great idea to hop off that one and hop on the one that she usually gets home from work.  So it was a long day!

Now today...  I think I'll do nothing much, housework, maybe some crochet.  Oh!  I forgot to mention; while waiting for the thesis to be printed, we found that the wool shop that we both remember from 20 years ago is still in Downtown Shopping Centre (it's between the food court and the overbridge), so we popped in for a look.  We ended up asking the lovely lady behind the counter about crochet patterns because, for some reason, they're quite tricky to find, compared to knitting patterns.  She agreed and said that despite the fact that it's coming back into fashion, the patterns haven't caught up.  And, here's the great thing, she said she liked my scarf!  Someone who looks at wool crafts all day admired my very first crochet project.  How proud am I?!  Very.

So, what's been happening with you?  Any new projects to share?  Do tell!


  1. I'm really pleased your interview went well and I really hope you get the job! Good luck my friend!



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