Friday, July 15, 2011

Links of the Week IX

Star Trek Geek:  PADD app at the iTunes store
This is the only reason I want an iPad.  It needs no explanation, this is pure awesome.

Writing:  Mignon Fogarty on Writing A Little Every Day at Writers Rainbow
I love the Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips podcast.  It's a short and entertaining look at a different grammar, language, or writing tip every week.  This short and entertaining post by the Grammar Girl, Mignon Fogerty, shows that there are different styles of writing.  I want to write a book.  But, unfortunately, 'want' and 'can' are totally different concepts.

Baking:  Edmond's Cook Book 1914 Challenge at Nicolas Steenhout's blog
I have already signed up for this, it's such a great idea!  I love making scones, more so than even eating them, and what better than to try different versions of the same thing?  It really inspires me to think that maybe Granny Shand (that's Mum's grandmother) may have used the same recipe.  I will post about it when it's all done.

Amazing Animals:  Fish Tool Use at Io9
Last week it was a primate posing for a camera, this week it's a fish using a rock to open its yummy clam dinner.  What's so special about this?  Well, it was once thought that tool use was the divider between human intelligence and animal intelligence (or, in an historical context, determining the emergence of modern human behaviour).  Then chimpanzees were seen using tools, then crows and other birds, then other primates (like these ones washing potatoes), and otters...  Now a fish!  So, now they have to find something else that divides us from everyone else (why can't we all just get along?).

Awesome Spaces:  Propeller Island City Lodge at Propeller Island
This link is to my favourite of the rooms, but you can look at the others by clicking on the numbers.  What an awesome idea to decorate each room in a theme, but even more awesome is that they do not seem to have limited themselves to a consistent size or shape of room.  Some are two storied, some are oddly shaped, some are small, and some are large.  Special mention to rooms 22, 31, and 33.  I love how Room 15 has a warning "Caution:  Very sexy", lol.

Space:  Voyager's Last Mission at Io9

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