Monday, July 11, 2011

Talk Talk Talk

I thought I had already mentioned this, but I must have just gushed on twitter about it.  Darren Hayes' new album is coming out soon and I am so excited.  I love Darren Hayes, and his last album, This Delicate Thing We've Made, is my deserted island soundtrack.  I try really hard to not listen to it too often, because every time I put it on I hear something new in it and don't get anything done; just sitting there (or dancing around the room), actively listening.  His new single, Talk Talk Talk, came out a week or more ago, and a live performance from Australian tv has just popped up on youtube.  It's an awesome song, and it makes me even more excited for the album, if that's even possible!  Listen to it twice and if you're not smiling and singing along, I'll give a full refund.

The Official Video

The Live Performance

See?  He's awesome.  No need to thank me, just go out and buy all of his albums if you haven't already.

PS:  He twice replied to me on twitter!  This makes him even cooler (and thus me cool by association).

(The second message is because I basically went all teenage fan girl on twitter about how he replied to my question)


  1. You're an even more quality person than I thought.

    1. Bc you love Darren~~~ <3

    2. Well of course I do. In fact, he's probably my favourite artist of all time. You know, he was in his last year of highschool at Mable Park High, and I was in my first year of primary at Mable Park Primary. Beat that for a random fan connection!



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