Monday, July 11, 2011

Links of the Week VIII

I have tried posting this several times in the last few minutes, and each time there has been a formatting error that I didn't make.  Hopefully it will be better this time.  *Fingers crossed*

Steampunk Craft:   Cephalopodia at Corvus Tristis
I thought to myself "I wonder if there are any free embroidery patterns for cuttlefish, to pay tribute to Jules Verne" (as you do on a sunny Saturday morning).  And looky see, the first google search result lead me here.  SO cool.  Reminds me, I must get to and do those trilobites...  I could make them all a set of cool under the sea pretties.

This is such a great idea!  So simple, but I bet it makes a difference.  Must find time to do this myself.

Cute Animals:  Cheeky Monkey at The Telegraph
Animals can be really really awesome.  I wish they had more pictures up, but the story is cool enough.  See what happens when a monkey steals your camera and starts to make a family album!

Just days after mentioning both Jewel and Supernatural on the blog, this makes me so happy!  I will likely watch anything with Jewel Staite in it (it's just a pity that most of that stuff doesn't show on free tv in NZ).  Now I know why I had that strong urge to re/watch Supernatural from the beginning - it's called a premonition, I think :-P

Craft Inspiration:  Butterflies at Cirrus Image
My Mum loves butterflies, as I may have mentioned when I posted about her birthday present.  I am keen to make some more butterfly art for her room, and so I did a search for butterflies of the world to see if the picture of butterflies as an endlessly variable colour palette I have in my head is anything like reality.  Seems it is!  :-)

Craft:  Crochet Wall Art at Pinterest

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