Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Poetry Moment

I have heaps of interests, as you may have figured out by now.  In fact you could call me just a little crazy.  Today I want to share my two favourite poems.  I was inspired to post them when I remembered I had a recording of the first on my computer somewhere, and that I should find it.  Here is The Raven on youtube:

John De Lancie is awesome.  This video showed up on Io9 because he starred in ST:TNG, but whether or not you're a trek fan, this is a great performance and managed to give me a little shiver.

And my other favourite is The Lady of Shalott (click the image for the poem, it's pretty long). I love the rhyming pattern, and the image it paints. I think that's why the Woodhouse painting is what I think of when I think of the poem, the words in the poem must have been like a paint-by-numbers for him.

So, do you have any favourite poems?

PS: If anyone knows how to format HTML so that the spoiler picture is actually centred? With my very limited knowledge of HTML, it says it is.. But it's not in the final post!


  1. Good poem choices, I hadn't read either before but they were both great.
    My favs are How do I love thee? By Elizabeth Barrett Browning, The Highway man,Do not go Gentle into that Good Night by Dylan Thomas, A road not yet taken by Robert Frost (and many other also by him) and the Owl and the Pussy cat. Plus many many more but I can't remember enough of them to be able to find them again.

  2. Oh I really like Do Not Go Gentle.. It's another poem with real imagery. I recognise the names of the rest of the poets, but will be sure to look up the poems themselves. The Owl and the Pussycat was my favourite picture book when I was little, you can tell because it's the one with the most teeth marks on the cover...



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