Friday, June 17, 2011

Links of the Week V

Look at that!  It's not even the end of the week yet, and I'm up to five interesting links.   Happy clicking!

Comic:  Peanuts at
I've never been really impressed with Snoopy and co, though I do love the girl who calls the other girl "Sir".  But this mashup is hilarious.  I really like the one about Journey (yes, I'm sure they would be pissed) and the one about maths.  The rest of the comics (of which there are at least 300) are here at the Peanut Tweeter site.

Forum:  New Zealand Crafters at
JACKPOT!  Last week I mentioned wanting to find New Zealand blogs/websites with a craft/cooking focus, and here I've found a forum full of New Zealand craftsters.  I've followed this site for a while now, but never explored the forums...  silly me!  By the way, you don't have to even sign up to view the board; very convenient!

Competition:  Terrarium Book at Timber Press (via Crafster)
If you're in the States or Canada, please enter this competition so I can live vicariously through you!  I love terrariums, and have even made one of my own (that is currently sitting on the kitchen table dying because I lack a green thumb).  This is why I've been looking for New Zealand websites - jealousy.  Because we can't enter, win a MasterChef Vol 2 book here (answers are "having cameras in your face asking you questions" and "so everything's very comfortable") or a copy of the first season of Sherlock on dvd here (the answer is "And we thought maybe we should do it.") over at the TVNZ website.

Art/Architecture:  Bookcase House at BoingBoing
I want a house with this as its attic.  The rest of the house would be normal (well, normal as much as I am), but then you go to the attic and EVERYTHING is a bookcase.  Nice.

Current Events/Art:  Kissing in a Riot at
So it's not just football fans that are completely insane and think that their feelings over sport are more important than the safety of the fans/bystanders.  Hockey fans can riot too.  But in the midst of the riots, this photo was taken.  I think that whether this is staged or not only changes the meaning behind the actions, not that there is meaning.  If it isn't staged, it means something either about love or stupidity or a calm in the chaos or any of a multitude of other things, but if it's staged it's up to the artist to tell us what they intend for it to stand for, or if the two people staged it just for publicity...  I guess it means people will do anything for their 15 minutes.

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