Friday, June 24, 2011

Links of the Week VI

Because a picture's worth a thousand words, I'm adding one extra link to the Links of the Week from now on:  Image of the week.  :-)

Maths:  Champernowne's Constant at Io9
This is a really short article, and easy to understand, so don't be put off by the title!  This simple number confused early computers.  I think it's awesome when people fool computers, therefore, this constant is awesome.

Music:  Robbie Williams Flashes Crowd at TVNZ news
Yes, I know I'm juvenile, but this made me laugh.  Robbie is such a dood.

Marine Biology:  Penguins and Populations at TV3 and TVNZ news
I wish I could go visit the penguin, I mean from a distance, obviously, but how cool would it be!?  And then a very sad story about the fate of the ocean's biodiversity.  It makes me really mad to think that the people in political and corporate power care more about money than about the future of...  Sorry, I won't start a lecture.  I couldn't even finish the article without getting really mad, so if you feel strongly about this too, you are warned; but this might cheer you up a bit.

Inspiration:  Quote from Mae Jemison at No Country for Young Women
I love the pearls of wisdom that come from people who were the first to do something or invented something.  I think this quote is something we all must keep in mind when we listen to the wisdom of others, to "reevaluate the world for [ourselves]".

Fabulous Fashion:  Red Shoes at Kris' blog
Kris used to work with my Mum and she's awesome.  This is an example of why.  Her blog mostly talks about plays that she's been to, but this month she's posting at least once a day for a challenge, so her posts have varied to awesomeness like this.

Steampunk:  Monsters of the Sky at Steampunkr

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