Sunday, June 12, 2011

Links of the Week IV

Geology Porn:  (Part of) White Terraces Found at New Zealand Herald and
When they found some of the Pink Terraces in February I was so happy I almost cried.  For some reason they have always fascinated me, and I couldn't believe that in my life time they may be visible again.  Now they've found part of the White Terraces and the story just gets cooler!  There are awesome pictures of the Pink Terraces and even a video.

'80s Geekery:  Behind the Scenes at Ghostbusters at Io9
I love Ghostbusters.  I love both of the movies, but because the second movie was on (what felt like) every school holidays from when I was 8 until I was 14, I go against the gran and prefer it to the first.  Don't get me wrong, I can't think of anything cooler than a huge exploding marshmallow man raining sticky yummy evil from the sky...  Except Lady Liberty blasting uplifting music while walking through the streets.  Anyway, this article has some behind the scenes videos, including one of the actress who plays Slimer practicing the scene in the bus.  More of the videos can be found at the special effects guy's youtube channel.

Food Psychology:  Lie to Yourself at Io9
Io9 is on the ball this week.  This article shows that lying to yourself can help you control the amount and type of food you eat.  So, take the calorie count on food and mentally add a hundred calories and you wont feel compelled to eat more.

New Zealand Blog:  Food NZ
I've decided to seek out New Zealand blogs to see who else is out there!  This is easier said than done because the way I have found interesting blogs is through other blogs...  And they're all American.  So I was so excited when I found the Lovely Blogs website all about New Zealanders blogging.  Many of the links no longer work (not all that surprising as the last post on Lovely Blogs is from 2008), but this one does and it looks really cool.  I mean, what blog could be uncool when there's a little love letter to a Trumpet (icecream, not instrument) on the front page?

Links:  Misc. at Not Martha
Not Martha's blog is about everything I love.  Craft, DIY, cooking, photography (I'm getting there...  Just need a camera!), and links.  This week's include book recommendations, and how life can be made more like games, and more.

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