Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Auckland can be Beautiful

On Sunday I met with a friend I haven't seen in a long time (she pointed out it had been a year and a half, but it never feels like it!), which meant a trip to the city.  I hate going to the city, but once I'm there I always enjoy myself.  The city is dirty and sometimes smells, but there are a lot of pretty places that make me smile and the whole place reminds me of the years and years at Auckland University (including the daily walk to and from).

Before I left Auckland for my two years in Australia, I took a photo of my favourite building, but I have no idea where that photo is, so on a whim I took another.  The problem is, the sun was in my eyes and so neither of the two I took are centred very well (one's all sky, the other all road) - it's these moments I wish I had a good camera with a viewfinder and crosshairs!

But I did get this once I crossed the road:

This is the building on the corner of Waterloo Quadrant and Princes Street that is covered in green all winter because of the ivy (or other plant...) covering it.  If you know Auckland University, you most probably know this building.  In the reflection in the window, you can see what a beautiful day it was!

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