Friday, February 18, 2011


Welcome to The New Old-Fashioned Girl

I have finally decided on a name for this blog!  I've also decided to extend the theme from simply food to food and crafts.  I have been inspired lately after re-finding a beautiful cross stitch pattern that I bought about five years ago and all of the threads and the fabric are sitting in a little bag next to it, waiting to be done.  I also found my Emily the Strange scarf that's over 3/4 finished.  Even more inspiring has been the posts/links on the website GeekCrafts.  It is awesome!  Although I'm not into every type of geekdom (I'm not such a fan of Dr Who or Star Wars, while I love Firefly, and Star Trek is quite the obsession), I appreciate the work and innovation that goes into every piece.  Crafts will, of course, be a lot slower in appearing on here, because they take more time and generally cost more (the nearest fabric/craft shop is a $10 return bus ride away from here for a start).

Please update any feeds or bookmarks you might have for the old site to this address, and look forward to a recipe for coconut cupcakes from Martha Stewart's Cupcakes and my first experiments with piping, a tasty idea for icing, fried potato bread, and my first fully successful basic sourdough.  As well as these, I'll be posting a few pictures I really want to make into cross stitch (using a handy dandy pattern-making program we found one day in EB for $10), and a bit of a jabber about my kitchen table project.

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