Wednesday, February 23, 2011

*The Graphics Fairy*

I have decided that (eventually, after all of my other projects are finished) I am going to redecorate my bedroom.  I have started to some extent - I have dug out a lot of my pretty things to set on top of my manrobe, and framed an Emily the Strange oversized postcard that has been simply bluetacked onto my wardrobe since I got back from Canberra.

I found this site about a week ago, and for some reason, tonight I just can't get away from it.  It is awesome.  It may be because I found this at another site yesterday.  We have heaps of old wooden pegs that I hate to use on washing because they sometimes leave brown marks.  I want to copy the idea in the last two pictures on this page - a project that involves pegs, paint, ribbon, card and pretty printed vintage images is right up my alley.  I will post again when I've done the first picture, as I can see this being an ongoing project!

Here's an example of the awesome free vintage images *The Graphics Fairy* has:

What is equally awesome as the sheer variety and number of images the site has, is the beautiful work The Graphics Fairy (aka Karen) does in restoring and altering the images.  The above image originally had yellow flowers, but seeing both together, I prefer the pink.  She also removes the text in some pictures so that you can add your own.  For example:



Fabulous, right?  It looks as if the 'after' is the 'before' and she's just chosen an appropriate font for the message.

There are many, many, many, more and I want to print at least every second one and put them on my wall...  so I have to practice restraint.  A great deal of restraint.

PS:  She also does backgrounds here.

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