Monday, December 13, 2010


I made some cupcakes!  I'm so pleased with how they turned out.  I got the recipe from one of Nigella's dvds.  I'd tell you which one, but Mum returned it to the library before I could write down the title, and also before I could get any of the recipes I liked the look of written down.  Luckily, her website has the recipe here.  Unfortunately, the website didn't have the recipe for royal icing that she used in the dvd to top the cupcakes.  Luckily I found pretty much the exact same recipe here.  These cupcakes were really insanely easy and they are also amazingly good.  And, as promised, here are some photos!!

Right out of the oven and cooling:

And then generously iced:
You can't really tell, but the icing is a lovely shade of lavender.  I added a little red and a little blue food colouring.  Half of them have coconut on top too.  We have this awesome dessicated coconut that's not those little shredded pieces that get stuck in my teeth, but instead are long threads of pretty yumminess.  I'll work on the photos - now you can see why I don't publish my photos!

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  1. Love the new site and the including of photos even more. I hate to say but to be a good food website you HAVE to include photos!
    The lemon wall paper reminds me of a family friends kitchen (she was a chef) that always had yummy things cooking in it and a country home feel.



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