Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas is here!

I have been very lazy with my blog over the last two weeks, which is sad because I keep saying to myself "you should post!!".  Part of the reason is that I received a recipe from a friend and have been waiting for permission to give it out.  What have I been doing while I've not been blogging?

Well, of course today I've been baking and cooking.  We've made mini (and by mini i mean huge individual ones!) pavlovas, prawns crumbed in panko and dukkah, chocolate truffles, and salad bowls.  I'll talk about that more in its own post once I can think about looking at the photos I took...  SO FULL.

Yesterday I dropped off the Christmas 'plum' pudding Mum and I made on Thursday (I mixed, she supervised the steaming) to my friend's house, and then got my hair cut (after a full year without cutting, it was horrible, but now it's supercute).  On Thursday the Landlord came around to fix the pump.  It had been going almost nonstop for two days and we were scared we had a leak - but apparently they have a bladder in them that is supposed to be pumped up every six months.  Three years later...  Anyhow, Wednesday I met a friend for coffee, and Tuesday I had a friend over for dinner.  I made German Onion Cake and Mexican Hot Chocolate Cupcakes (sans the chilli) for dinner.  Of course I'll post about that later too.  On Monday...  In fact, I can't remember what I've been doing before that.

No plans for the foreseeable future, except having the obligatory look at the Boxing Day Sales tomorrow, and taking back the $10 of chicken pieces that was off when we opened it today.  I hate supermarkets.  More about that in the Christmas food post.

Happy Christmas/Winter-or-Summer-festival-of-your-choice from Kim <3

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