Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chocolate Starter Bread

This weekend I finally made the bread that started my whole adventure into sourdough starters - Chocolate and Zucchini's Chocolate Starter Bread.  It was really nice (and by was, yes I mean it's gone - except for the loaf I put in the freezer).  However, I made the loaves with Whittaker's Dark Ghana (72%), which didn't supply much sweetness.  The loaf has cocoa and no sugar, so it needs the sweetness from the chocolate.  Next time I will try it with the 62% and see what happens.  I loved the texture - the crust is rock hard wonderfully crunchy, and the crumb was on the cakey side of bread (that is bready but dense).  We ate it with butter(y spread) when it was warm, and plum/raspberry/strawberry jam when cooler.  I think it was slightly better when cold.  Anyhow, much better than a cake on the sugar front, so definitely a must-try if you have a starter.

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