Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blogs and Websites for Recipes pt 2

Continuing from the last post about internet resources for finding great recipes.

How could a list of places to find recipes be complete without the ubiquitous Martha?  For some reason, we don't have her show on free-to-air tv (or not any channel we get at my house) anymore, but her website is still there to educate and inspire.  Also, having access to the suggestions and recipes (as well as the crafty projects) without having to watch the interviews of people I haven't heard of (granted, often they are quite famous) and then the spectacle of making them cook/craft when they have no skill/interest in what they are doing..  well that's invaluable.  There are videos available if you need that kind of step-by-step visual, which I sometimes do.  She also has a newsletter, but unless you don't mind getting many adjacent emails to get to the interesting stuff, just use the search function on her site.

Totally self-explanatory.  Everything and anything cupcake - recipes are a little scarce, but, like my own blog, they link to a lot of places where you can find the recipes.  But the main draw is the pictures.  I subscribe to their feed and every time I open a new notification, there is a beautiful large picture of an incredibly beautiful cupcake.  This isn't just about yummy, it's about art.

Bakerella's main claim to fame (and it's a substantial one!) is the invention of cake pops.  What do you get if you combine a cake, shredded into crumbs, cream cheese, a lollipop stick, and some creative decorating?  These beautiful and quirky truffles.  The simple cake balls are on my list for Christmas sweets, but Mum's taking a bit of convincing - they do look impossibly rich, but whoever said that was a bad thing?  Bakerella isn't a one-hit-wonder, though - she has many other recipes that I haven't yet explored.  Well worth a look.

This website has SO many recipes, I doubt one could ever run out of new things to try.  These recipes are also accompanied by a history of the yummy and at least one picture of the finished product.  I have the black and whites, chocolate-craisen biscotti, and the candy cane cookies on my list to make.

After all of the baking, you might like to try one of Kalyn's Kitchen's recipes.  These are really healthy really really delicious-looking recipes.  Some vegetarian and meat recipes, all with a concerted effort to keep the GI values low and the nutrition value high.  Although there's a focus on the South Beach Diet, you don't need to follow it to enjoy the hearty recipes here.

There will be a third part and a bonus round for blogs/sites that are "closer to home".  They should be along in the next few days!

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