Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blogs and Websites for Recipes pt 1

I've been collecting cooking websites and blogs that I read every time there's a new post.  So, because so many of them are linked here when I try the recipes or promise myself I will eventually try them, I thought I would do a roll-call in its own post. posts.  This will be part one of a few posts because I really had no idea how many sites I go to!  Part two will hopefully be up tomorrow.

I found this website through the book, though I'm sure I knew of the blog when I first saw the book, and that's what made me pick it up in the library.  Clotilde Dusoulier is French, but has spent many years living in America, so her English is superb, as are her recipes.  You may remember that I tried a few of the recipes from the book - the yoghurt cake, the chocolate and berry cake, and the chocolate and caramel pie.  This is also where the chocolate starter bread recipe came from (notice the trend here?) and also the sourdough baguettes.

Yes, I know, she needs no introduction.  But who knew that one could access a large number of her recipes at her website?  She also has a twitter feed that only posts three-ish times a day - one recipe link, one query answer, and sometimes a promotional thing for a book or tv show.

I love the name of this site, so so pretty, I wish I could steal it.   The site is also very pretty - so clean and simple.  I haven't been following this feed for very long, but have already starred three recipes - grape focaccia with rosemary, apple latkes, and upside-down cranberry cake.  The former two I will be making, hopefully while Mum has two weeks off over Christmas-New-Year, but the latter I'm not sure about.  I really want to make it, but I have no idea if we can get fresh cranberries or even tinned cranberries in NZ, even when they would be in season.  Still love the fresh and very home-made recipes at this site.

I tried the overnight sourdough from this site and failed miserably.  The mix was very very dry when I first mixed it, and I decided to add more water.  That would have been fine, but I thought I had better add a bit more starter to make up for the additional water.  As soon as I had done it I realised I'd made a mistake.  And the bread was totally inedible!  Mum wouldn't even feed it to the birds...  Anyhow, I don't blame the recipe - I should be used to the fact that NZ flour (or the brand I buy anyway [which is just usually the cheapest at the supermarket that day]) tends to need additional moisture.  There are a few recipes here I would like to try, not least of all the soft pretzels.

Where do I find these sites?  It usually starts with a book/tv show, or my googling a specific recipe.  Once I've had an explore at the website and decide I like what they're up to, I bookmark it or subscribe to the rss feed or to emails.  Then they will mention a site and I will go and have a look, and so on.  I even picked one up today on twitter (from a geek/actor twitterer rather than a food twitterer).  That's what I'd love for anyone who reads this to get out of it too - not so much a place to look at what I've been cooking, but as a place to reference the awesome places I find my recipes.

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