Monday, November 8, 2010


So my starter actually worked!  Third time IS lucky!  I finally posted at the Fresh Loaf to get some advice and the advice was - wait and see.  So I did.  And although it didn't go EXACTLY as it did in the instructions, I have actually made a loaf of bread with the starter and it worked.  Well...  by worked I mean it rose and I baked it and it was edible.  But, it wasn't very nice.  Not very sour, and I think I may have 'over proofed' it.  I think this means letting it rise too much.  It has very few bubbles, but you know what?  Who cares, I made bread!  And it didn't taste all yeasty like it does when I make it with dried yeast.  So that's a win in my book.  Speaking of books, I have a book on hold at the library about bread making, so Mum will most likely bring that home for me tomorrow (she's got a headache so stayed home today).  Also, on Friday she brought home a new Nigella book - Kitchen.  I made the last recipe in the book last night for dinner - Italian pasta soup.  It was yum, just tomatoes, onions, a little tiny bit of garlic, and pasta, and some of the pasta water (she cooked the pasta in the soup, but we screwed that bit up).  It was nice and light and summery, but still filling.  I will try it again and follow the instructions next time!  A few more recipes look good, and I'll note them here when I make them.  I think I am over Indian and even Asian food to some extent, on to a new theme - European.  I haven't been into European and English food in ages, since before I started cooking dinners, so it's time to learn to make things like fish pie (my favourite!).  I think Nigella's books will help me here.

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