Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Starter Update

So, I tried a loaf of bread the weekend before last (6/7th), but because I had never made bread before and the 'recipe' was actually just a formula of ingredients with no instructions, I think I over-proofed it.  It was edible, but I really didn't like the texture, so it's in the freezer to be used as breadcrumbs.  This weekend just been I made English muffins and baguettes.  Both turned out fabulously!!  I'm so happy about both of them.  The English muffins were really really easy - a matter of mixing some of the ingredients and leaving it overnight then adding the additional ingredients (and a whole lot of extra flour because I really think NZ flour absorbs less moisture), roll it out, cut it into rounds, and dry fry.  Lovely, even Mum says we shouldn't buy them any more.  Very happy!  Baguettes tasted great, especially right out of the oven.  Much more work required for these, with two or three wet kneads the night before.  I need more practice in shaping them because they came out much thinner than I had expected - they didn't really change size after they went into the oven either.  They seemed to be much smaller than the photographs on the website.  Recipes to come.

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