Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chocolate chocolate chocolate!

I made the chocolate gataux from the Chocolate and Zucchini cookbook and it's... nice.  I was expecting, with four eggs and very little flour but a whole lot of butter and chocolate, to get something moist, flavourful, but still kind of light.  But because the eggs are simply stirred into the chocolate and butter and not whipped into a frenzy, it turned out more like a chocolate hedgehog slice with berries in the place of biscuit pieces.  Which is to say, still nice, but not what I was expecting.  Again.  Either I chose recipes from that cookbook that were just destined to be not what I expected, or I did them all wrong, or it was simply a difference in the quality or nature of the ingredients between what we get in NZ and what the author had available in France.  Maybe when I finally go to France I will find out by making these recipes there!

Because we ran out of broadband internet quota a LONG time ago and our month starts either (later) today or tomorrow, I have a billion pages open waiting to be loaded and read, mostly articles on steampunk and science fiction book reviews or new releases, essays, or short stories.  But I found that I had a link to chocolate biscoti open from the Cook Yourself Thin website.  So, in an attempt to keep a record of things I want to make, I am adding another link:  

Looks fabulouso!

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